Teleport Ecosystem

Teleport is a Web3 social platform where users can create immersive experiences in PORTALS and showcase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in augmented reality. PORTALS are digital gateways to virtual spaces like metaverses, games, art galleries, conference centers, ecommerce stores, real world locations, live events and much more. PORT is the utility token used throughout the Teleport ecosystem as the basis of transactions and interactions.

Teleport Portals

PORTALS are Doorways to
360° immersive experiences.

PORTALS are digital gateways to new and exciting virtual and real world experiences. Inside the Portals are virtual spaces that can be 360° images, videos, or live streaming of real world locations, events, games or metaverses. Imagine teleporting into the middle of Time Square, Tokyo, Paris, Coachella, Tomorrowland, League of Legends or Fornite tournaments, a basketball or football game, your favorite tv or movie scenes, and more.

PORTAL is a non-fungible digital asset maintained in an Ethereum ERC-721A smart contract. There are 99,999 PORTALS and PORTALs are identified by 5 digital code (for example, PORTAL ID 12345).


Teleport Portals

Teleport PORTALS

Once user owns a PORTAL, the user will be able add different types of metaspaces like 360° images, 360° videos, 360° Live Streaming, 3D rendering of physical locations, metaverses, games, and more.

Immersive Experiences

360° Content

360° Content is a photo or a video you can explore. 360° photos and videos are shot in every direction at the same time and let you rotate the viewing angle to see what's "around you" as you view the video/picture. We support many 360° cameras like the Insta360 One X2, GoPro Max, and more.

360° Cameras
Insta360 One X2
GoPro Max Camera
Samsung Gear 360 Camera
Ricoh Theta Cameras
Vuze Camera
Kodak 360 Camera
LG 360 Camera
Immersive Experiences

Digital Twins

Digital twins are near-exact virtual models of real-life objects, processes, or systems. Digital twins allow you to access, explore and manage your spaces anytime,anywhere. They are most commonly used in stores, museums, schools, and real estate to simulate physical locations. We support digital twin softwares and platforms like Matterport, iStaging, Kuula, and more.

Matterport Portal
Digital Twins Softwares
My 360 Property Virtual Tours
3D Vista
RoundMe Panoramic Tours
Eye Spy 360
Immersive Experiences

360° Live Streaming

Live stream 360° videos and have people watch instantly around the world. Reach new audiences around the world with the Teleport 360° live streaming PORTALS for music and entertainment, fashion shows, sports, events, social influencers and more. Easily go 360° Live by entering your streaming url and toggling Live Streaming On/Off.

360° Live Streaming
Mux Live Streaming Video
Restream Live Streaming
Castr RTMP Server
One Stream Live
Immersive Experiences


Add virtual worlds and games inside Portals from supported 3rd Party providers. Hiberworld enables the creation of millions of interconnected virtual worlds. Hiber is building a universally accessible no-code, free-to-use platform called HiberWorld that removes all the barriers to entry for everyone to create, play, and participate in the Metaverse.


Teleport NFTs

Teleport NFTs

Teleport your non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and showcase them in augmented reality and in the metaverses.

Teleport NFTs

Showcase Your NFTs
in the Metaverse.

Teleport your NFTs into the Metaverses or into the real world using Teleport's AR Camera. Add value to your digital assets by extending the utility of your NFTs. Connect your wallet and automatically add your NFTs to pre-made Gallery PORTALS. Drop your NFTs in the 360° Image or Video PORTALS.

NFTs in Augmented Reality

Showcase Your NFTs
in the Real World.

Overlay your existing NFTs on top of the real world with Teleport Augmented Reality Camera. Enhance you digital art by enclosing it in the Teleport NFT AR Frames. Turn your 2D NFTs into 3D models with the Teleport NFT Flex Capacitor.

  • Display your 2D NFTs
    in Teleport AR
  • Put Your Assets in
    Teleport NFT AR Frames
  • Teleport Your NFTs
    into 3D Models

Teleport Mobile App

Web3 Login

Connect Your
Ethereum Wallet

The Teleport App Platform fully embraces Web3 by allowing users to create accounts and log in using their favorite Ethereum wallets like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Rainbow Wallet, and more. Support for other blockchains are coming soon.

Support 100+ Ethereum Wallets
Wallet Connect
Trust Wallet
Argent Ethereum Wallet
Rainbow Wallet

PORT Tokens

PORT is a blockchain-based utility token used in the Teleport ecosystem.

Users can earn PORT by interacting with NFTs in the Teleport mobile app, entering into PORTALS, or get air dropped by holding a Teleport Founders Club NFT. PORT tokens are used to enhance NFTs, to access exclusive PORTALS, and to trade digital assets in the Teleport marketplace.


PORT Token Utility

You can buy PORTALS and purchase assets from the Teleport marketplace using PORT tokens.


Earn PORT tokens by interacting with NFTs or teleporting into PORTALS, or by staking your Teleport Founders Club NFT.

Teleport Marketplace

Buy and sell digital assets and merchandise with PORT tokens from the Teleport marketplace.

Teleport PORTALS

Use PORT tokens to buy PORTALS and access exclusive PORTALS with a NFT from a collection or by paying with PORT tokens.

Teleport NFTs

Use PORT token to buy NFT Frames, Cases, or Flex Capacitors to convert your 2D NFTs to 3D models.

Teleport NFTs


Teleport PORTALS is a collection of 99,999 unique Doorway NFT collectibles to immerse in 360° experiences in the Ethereum blockchain.


Teleport PORTALS is a collection of 99,999 unique Doorway NFT collectibles to immerse in 360° experiences in the Ethereum blockchain.


Teleport PORTALS is a collection of 99,999 unique Doorway NFT collectibles to immerse in 360° experiences in the Ethereum blockchain.

NFT Collection

Teleport Founders Club

The Teleport Founders Club is a collection of 25,000 unique 3D Model Bunny NFT collectibles hopping around on the Ethereum blockchain.

The members get exclusive access to the Teleport Founders Club community discord, metaverses, unlock content, games, early access to NFT drops, PORT token air drops, staking rewards and more.

Receive PORT Tokens
Air Drops
Stake Your TFC
Earn Tokens

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Teleport Ecosystem


What are Teleport PORTALs and How can I get one?

A PORTAL is an ERC-721 NFT that represent a digital gateway in Teleport augmented reality metaverse that users can buy to build experiences inside of them. PORTALs will minted on our website. Once they sell out, you will be able to purchase them on the secondary market at Opensea.io and on the Teleport marketplace.

What are the benefits of holding a Teleport Founders Club?

Owning a TFC NFT grants users early access to new features, NFT drops, exclusive merchandises, and more. Teleport Founders Club holders can earn $PORT tokens staking rewards. $PORT tokens will be air dropped to TFC holders.

What can I trade in the Teleport Marketplace?

You can trade any of your ERC-721 NFTs including TFC, PORTALs, and other collections for PORT tokens on the marketplace. Exclusive NFT drops will be available in the marketplace.

What are PORT tokens use for in the Teleport Ecosystem?

PORT is a utility token used within the Teleport ecosystem to mint and trade digital assets like PORTALs in the Teleport Marketplace. PORT will also be use as the currency to unlock exclusive PORTALs.

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